The New Designers (2007)

by The Vulcan Dub Squad

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I was at home pouring over some historical media a few months back when my cousin stopped in for a visit. .. "What's that??" he asked, looking over my shoulder. .. Being somewhat of a modernist, I figured he'd probably have seen it somewhere before. .. "Oh, that's Habitat 67," I responded enthusiastically. .. A few seconds of dread silence ensued. .. "Uh, it was part of Expo 67?", I added starting to get worried. .. The interminable silence continued for what actually was, ..FOREVER.., until at last he ventured-- .. "What's Expo 67??" .... Now......I can't recall the exact words of the spittle-spewed-maniacal- gonzo-tirade I flew into just then, but ---unbelievable! Man(!), here was this overly aware Canadian mod/skin that had absolutely no clue of Expo 67...I mean, what the?!?!? .. In fact, leading up to this LP's release it became apparent time and again that the current generation knew nothing of our centennial ball celebration (though the world be at our doorstep--and in our pantry to boot!). Hell, even when we packed up as a band and traipsed over to Habitat 67 (with video crew [James and Jams we love you] and newly enlightened cousin in tow [Amit you drunkenly-slapped-swine!]), we were met with blank, uncomprehending faces (this isn't a dig towards our French brethren). 'Who in their right minds would be chasing down these ghosts from a dismantled era?' they seemed to ask. .. Us, apparently. .. So. Much like Habitat 67, The New Designers is a collection of songs placed on top, beside and under one another --often at bizarre angles-- to create a unique piece of architecture for listeners to experience. Up close, or at a distance, we sincerely hope that each subjective view taken better stands the test of time than the criminally forgotten exposition itself has. .. See, Expo 67 offered us, and the world, a glimpse of what the future could be------and today isn't it. .... .... And we're tired of waiting. .... To the New Design


released January 1, 2007

Produced, engineered and mixed by Adam Ferri and The Vulcan Dub Squad at Orchard Studios with the exception of tracks 1, 5 & 8 which, were done with Jordan Kern at HOME. Mastered by Noah Mintz at
The Lacquer Channel.

All music written by The Vulcan Dub Squad.
Ranbir Gundu
Graham Wilson
Matt Del Buono
David Croft

Additional performances by:
Jordan Kern - vocals
Tori Tizzard - vocals
Eleni Alpous - flute
Frances McGregor - trumpet
Shandy Kern - piano
Keith Hamilton - band saw
NJ Borreta - viola
Paul Griblis - viola

This LP has been made entirely possible by the economic support of friends and fans, and not some meddling label or a government hand-out.
Thank-you for this luxury.



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