Just Watch Us / Faut Simplement Nous Regarder (2005)

by The Vulcan Dub Squad

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First, you must FORGET everything you THINK you know about the Vulcans...well, not everything. This over 40 minute 7 song lp is still a Vulcan recording rife with mood altering songs that bend and blend sound to showcase a fantastic set--so yes the fairytale sunshine innocence is still placed delicately astride raucous garage stompers like Alpha Flight #12-- but is anyone really ready for the vocal harmonies, the choral/opera embellishments, the Brian Wilson styled self-recorded masterminding, the pained over tones achieved, the colours labouriously brought to life, the individual based one-of-a-kind art (available on the special edition releases only), and the deluge of usual Vulcan madness/genius this record encapsulates---in glorious Stereo?!?!?! No. But we're giddy with bated breath to find out! Using all past songs, achievements and experiences as a springboard. the VDS eclipse them all (going going gone) with their first truly "Vulcan Recording". Self Recorded with reel-to-reel off of analog gear while seated comfortably behind the producer/engineer's chair (aided by like minded friends Adam Jockisch and Jordan Kern), the boys have ached over this lp's fiercely independent and unique sounds/vibe.

This is without a doubt, the best thing they have ever done, and will certainly draw one to pause for ...what? Which only in turn begs the question, how far in fact are the Vulcans willing to go in their determined strive to present substance over style in music that matters? Just Watch Them.


released January 1, 2005



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